Our real-world experience from across the globe and across industries helps us build stronger leaders. Relentless focus on improvement is in our DNA, as we continue to spend time refining our knowledge, experience base and toolkit to better serve our clients. We deliver practical solutions to help make each business owner, leader or executive a better leader which, in turn, helps build our community, our country and a better global community. This big picture view drives the company. In a nutshell: Our team has the chops to drive results for your business. 

Our Coaches

Laura Huckabee-Jennings

I like initiating change. I like to shake things up a bit and to feel like I’m moving things forward.

Andrew Jennings

The more you know about someone, the deeper you trust them. With teams, If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything.

Dana Gillis

I always ask, “What have we done to nurture this person? To build them up?” I like to be a healer of sorts, and to see that turnaround in someone.

Diane Dempster

As a coach, I use an “inside-out” approach to help individuals and teams transform. I connect them to a positive vision and uncover roadblocks on the way to success.

Linda DeLuca

I believe that change, even organizational change, happens one person at a time. Change happens over time and with action, and that that is how I work.

Gia Giacomoni

My passion is truly helping people become better leaders in all areas of their lives and I’m interested in the human aspect of leadership. 

Shigé Clark

 I am passionate about enabling cultures of positive productivity—joyful organizations where teams are united behind a common purpose.

Our Staff

Linda Roden

What inspires me is motivating other people and inspiring them to do their best work. 


Laura Huckabee-Jennings, CEO


It’s pretty safe to say that if the Air Force Academy accepted near-sighted pilots, Laura might never have taken the educational and career path that led her to found Transcend in 2002. When her flight plans were grounded, Laura took a detour to Princeton University, where she earned a degree in Physical Chemistry. A Comparative Culture degree from Jochi (Sophia) University in Japan soon followed. Her career took flight as she took assignments with Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola, working her way up managing business units and building revenues in markets around the world including Japan, China, Israel, Poland and the United States. Along the way, she earned an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France and developed a deep understanding of organizational culture, including identifying the one limiting behavior that kept teams from being as productive and successful as possible – fear. Laura has a keen eye for moving projects forward and staying on target, and she helps organizations develop fearless leadership while keeping fear clearly in her sights. It doesn’t stand a chance with this entrepreneurial sharpshooter.

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Andrew Jennings, CCO

Daredevil Engineer 
“Oh. You’re an engineer.” Andrew often hears this phrase at the moment a client realizes that he really does understand their business situation. His keen insight and practical experience allows him to drill down to the root causes of problems and work through to inspired, positive outcomes. His diverse background even includes a stint on an oil rig in the North Sea, and while he wasn’t doing the actual drilling, he was flexing his fearless chops and developing skills that helped as he managed sales organizations and business partnerships in Europe, the United States and Asia. Andrew holds a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as a Masters in Business & Finance. Having lived in the UK more than half of his career working for French and German companies, and spending a significant amount of time responsible for businesses across Asia, this fearless Brit brings a unique global perspective to all his client engagements. (He also brought a couple of leg casts to one of his engagements at a US biotech company after a motor-cross accident.)

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Diane Dempster, Executive Coach 

Change Agent

While one of our coaches is a former FBI Agent; Diane is a different type of operative, bringing together an impactful combination of strategic, operational, and interpersonal capabilities including more than 20 years of corporate leadership experience in the Health Care Industry. Her experience reaches across the areas of marketing, finance, product development and program management. Her mission? Working with teams and individuals to improve results by understanding the behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes they are using to get their current results, and expanding leadership versatility and core skills. She may not own a trench coat, but this change agent does have a Masters Degree in Health Services Administration and sports strong interpersonal skills and a results-oriented strategic approach to assist executives, individuals and business owners in establishing goals, understanding obstacles, eliminating barriers, and executing on plans to step into to their optimal and ideal future. Sounds pretty fearless. Mission accomplished!

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Dana Gillis, Executive Coach 

The Fixer

Dana has over 17 years of experience in the areas of Program Management, Business Process Re-Engineering and Leadership Development, and has served as the Director of Compliance for Athletic Programs at Alabama A&M University, and as an executive manager within the FBI. His managerial and leadership experience covers business process re-engineering, strategic change management and leadership development. When Dana was with the FBI, he had a reputation for helping fix situations where people or systems, for whatever reason, were not performing up to par. As a leader and a manager, he excelled at nurturing people and increasing productivity. He has deep experience in the federal and law enforcement communities and holds a Master of Studies Degree in Criminology and Police Management from the University of Cambridge, among other degrees and certifications including a Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management from the Institute of Leadership and Management, United Kingdom. This over-achiever knows that there are no “quick fixes.” Patience guides him as he excels, both professionally as an executive coach/facilitator and personally, through tireless community involvement.

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Linda DeLuca, Executive Coach 

Sparkly Communicator 

Yes, Ivy League graduates do “sparkle” and Linda is a great example, leaving a trail of fearless footprints behind her as she coaches leaders to become better communicators through presentation and interpersonal communication skills. Linda is an executive coach and facilitator who supports and encourages individuals and organizations in their pursuit of learning and leadership development in their life and business. With more than 25 years of business experience in a multitude of functions and industries, you could also say she’s studied at the “school of life.” Linda learned the hard way that communication skills are the keystone to the success of any professional. She has experience with technology, process design, and human behavior and says that of those, humans are by far the most complex. Linda holds a Master of Science degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, along with coaching and training certifications.

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Gia Giacomoni, Executive Coach

The Challenger

Born and raised in France to a French mother and Italian father, and having lived in Paris, NYC, LA, and now Huntsville—Gia has a unique background as well as a broad perspective and understanding of cultural diversity. She is a Certified Professional Coach with over eight years of experience in leadership development coaching, behavioral assessments (for the FBI, TSA, and Bank of America), behavioral interviewing, and curriculum development. She has coached hundreds of managers all over the world on developing key interpersonal and leadership skills such as: delegation, team building, building trust, and giving feedback. As a coach, she believes in challenging her clients and combines toughness and kindness, while delivering tactful and candid feedback to enhance their personal and professional development. She has a BA in psychology and an MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Gia has always challenged societal expectations and fearlessly believes in helping leaders (especially women) navigate the complexities of today’s world so they can lead authentically.

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Shigé Clark, Facilitator 

The Liberator

With ten years of military experience as a West Point cadet and Army officer, Shigé has been evaluating operating systems and critical relationships (not to mention hauling heavy things over mountains and deserts!) for more years than her youthful appearance would indicate. With a positive, high-energy training style, Shigé combines her passion for development with a military-precision focus to help teams bring out the best in themselves and each other. Acting as a liaison in Iraq and Ecuador has given her a global perspective and an appreciation for unique cultures. As the liberator, she uses her background in resilience training to free others from negative cycles and move them into positive relationships, fresh thought processes, and greater joy in work and life. 

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Linda Roden, Administrator


Linda is inspired by encouraging and motivating other people and her broad experience working with people and teams serves Transcend well. Working as an independent consultant (which is a great example of fearlessness!), Linda has provided operational support services across multiple teams for a variety of local and national growing businesses, including many pharmaceutical companies. Her strength is facilitation and process development. With a love of mazes and puzzles, it’s no surprise that she often tackles the operational pieces others shy away from.

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