Anonymous Feedback, Head Office Interference, and Creative Meetings

We start with the practice of using anonymous feedback to help people and organizations improve. Is it ever valuable or does it destroy goodwill and teamwork? Fast Company’s article, My Company is Killing Anonymous Employee Feedback–Here’s Why  takes a look at the practice and offers a “real goal” for your workplace that can result in a positive culture shift.

Head offices can help some initiatives and hinder others. These three simple tests can help reduce unproductive interference; however, the interaction between business units and the center is key to their effectiveness. Read what happened to a company that wanted to improve its websites and why, in the end, the business heads wished that they had kept control of their own sites. Knowing when corporate headquarters adds rather than subtracts value appears in the McKinsey Quarterly.

Finally, from Fast Company, an article to help increase productivity: Creative Meeting Formats to Make Your Whole Team More Effective. Making a meeting valuable for the entire team is key and these three formats do just that, while having a positive impact on motivation.