a person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table


a person using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table
WHAT IS ORGANIZATIONAL FRICTION? According to Harvard Business Review, organizational friction (or organizational drag) costs the economy more than $3 trillion each year in lost output. Organizational friction, as defined by Bill Brantley, is the cumulative effect of “needless internal interactions, unproductive or inconsequential meetings, and unnecessary e-communications.” Organization friction wastes time and saps the energy of the workforce. All organizations have a certain amount of potential – that potential can be used to create

Say Goodbye to Performance Reviews

Posted on November 15, 2019
GOODBYE PERFORMANCE REVIEWS – HELLO FEEDBACK More than one-third of U.S. companies are shifting away from the once a year performance review model. In their article, Cappeli and Tavis state how from LA to New York, and in companies across the world, firms are replacing annual reviews with frequent, informal feedback conversations between managers and employees. Business researcher Josh Bersin estimates that about 70% of multinational companies are moving toward this model, even if they

Why Leadership is Not About Celebrity

Posted on October 17, 2018
By Andrew Jennings, CCO – Like most of you, I’m sure, I’m bombarded with news, opinions, and good intentions through social media on a daily basis (and yes, I get the irony of bringing this up in a blog post ;-). Something that struck me recently, is how easily we get caught up in “celebrity,” and how that can leave us feeling inspired—or on the other hand,  inadequate—but not empowered. It seems to me that leadership

Giving Feedback

Posted on October 5, 2018
By Gia Giacomoni, Executive Coach – Highly effective leaders continuously seek to better themselves and help develop those around them. Giving feedback, and being able to receive it, is a main component of growth and improvement. In my years as a leadership coach, it became notable that giving feedback was a major obstacle for most managers. They were uncomfortable having these conversations with their direct reports, uncomfortable delivering negative/constructive feedback; afraid of the other person’s response, and

Hiring a CEO: It Pays to Get Outside Help

Posted on September 20, 2018
By Linda DeLuca, Executive Coach – The success of your company rides on selecting the right CEO to lead the organization and realize its mission. Don’t you think the complexity and importance of this task warrants the help of trusted advisors? Here’s how to take advantage of outside help in hiring a CEO. Be advised: know when it’s time to find a CEO. GROWTH. When your company is looking to grow, and you need a leader

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