Advertising Development and AdMaps

Posted on October 27, 2009
Many of my clients use advertising to build awareness of the products or services, and they often wonder if they could be doing a better job of developing effective advertising messages. One tool I used way back in “big marketing” days at P&G and Coca-Cola was the AdMap. What this does is clarify the purpose of advertising and helps to define a measure against which a potential ad could be measured. For many clients, the

What a Coach Can Do for You

Posted on August 4, 2009
I have been working on presenting coaching models and reasons to entrepreneurs and small business owners and stumbled across a recent comment by Google CEO Eric Schmidt: Everyone Needs a Coach Says Google CEO if Google’s CEO says his coach was invaluable in helping him develop, rise above the day to day and be a better CEO, what could you do with a coach? According to Eric, “The coach doesn’t have to play the sport
In my line of work, I get up close and personal with the people running businesses, starting businesses and growing businesses. I have tremendous respect for the entrepreneurial spirit that motivates people to take the personal and financial risks associated with starting a business, and I love my clients. They inspire me, they teach me, they challenge me and they allow me to feel useful. When my clients struggle, one of the most common areas

The Power of Quitting

Posted on June 8, 2009
I just heard Seth Godin speak about his new book “The Dip“. His book isn’t really about quitting, but about building mastery, but part of the path to mastery is about knowing when to quit. As an expert at quitting, or rather designing my own career path, I thought I’d add my thoughts about how this has worked for me and what some of the critical steps in recognizing dips are. Seth describes the “Dip”

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