Have you ever wished for less bureaucracy, less process, fewer approvals?  To achieve this, you need to be clear about how people will make decisions when there are no rules in place, no authority to ask. The guiding principle for making decisions without a clear rule is to default to organizational values.  This is not writing "Integrity" as a value on a poster on the wall and expecting that everyone will
When you see a report card from school with 1 A+, 2 As, 2 Bs and a C, what are you drawn to comment on?  For most of us, the answer is "Why did you get a C?" We may comment on the A+ in passing, but it is often glossed over as an area we don't need to worry about, rather than one in which that student might really build some outstanding strengths. What about a performance review or a survey on your presentation or reviews of a paper you wrote?  What sticks with you?  Research shows that the negative or critical information is where we tend to focus our attention and is what sticks in our minds. This focus on "problems" or weaknesses is called negativity bias, and it's a
Remember the last time you experienced conflict with someone?  One of the most common reasons we create conflict is our focus on positions. What is a position?  It's a particular answer to a question, a particular method of doing something, a solution that is definitive and ours, or even a definition or stance that we have chosen to espouse.  In politics we think of these "positions" as clear polar opposites, such as liberal or conservative.  In real life, each of us carries a set of interests (our personal financial interests, our personal religious or special-group interests, etc) which help us move toward or away from the defined polar-opposite "positions".  When we focus on the position, there is no
April 2011 – Leadership and executive coach Laura Huckabee-Jennings recently earned the prestigious Professional Certified Coach designation, becoming one of only about 2,000 credentialed coaches among the nearly 25,000 coaches worldwide, according to statistics from the International Coach Federation. Huckabee-Jennings, formerly with Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola in line management positions, received her credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF) , the world’s largest non-profit professional association of personal and business coaches, after following
When did you last use the phrase "if only"?  If only my situation were different...  If only this person or that person would do something different... then everything could change.  It's completely understandable that our reaction in many situations we believe to be adverse is to look for the cause outside of ourselves. And indeed, there are many external circumstances that we do not control and may not even be able to influence. How about the phrase "He/she/it made me..."?  She made me angry.  The kids got me upset.  The weather prevented me from running today.  I have often felt that the actions I took or the emotions I felt were