Compassionate Leadership, Using Improv, and Reframing Your Position 

We enjoyed Are You A Compassionate Leader? from HBR this month. In this article, “Compassionate Leadership” is defined as “the intent to contribute to the happiness and well-being of others.” This means having a genuine interest in seeing people not just perform and increase profits, but thrive. It is not “being soft” or trying to please people by giving them what they want; rather, it requires giving people what they need, such as tough feedback. Compassionate leadership requires having wisdom about how to lead for the greater good and for the long term. This article includes a quick self-assessment and hints on how to improve your compassion.

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to be positive about the ideas of others, or sometimes just want to make the decision and move on, Using Improv to Transform How You Lead from strategy+business might help you draw more from your team by changing how you interact with them.  Our favorite tip is #2, “say yes to what is offered”.  How could you engage and involve others more effectively using the rules of improv?

And for a quick read on how to be better at engaging with others who disagree with you, Fast Company shared The Scientific Way to Win An Argument and Not Make Enemies. It involves one of our favorite coaching tools, reframing, in a new way. The key to making progress is reframing your own position to make it more likely the other person can reframe theirs, too.