Complaining & Venting, Persuasion Hacking, and Innovation Storytelling

Everyone has moments of frustration at work. Complaining or “venting” often just increases the negative energy around you. Next time, try this approach that was recently shared by HBR: The Next Time You Want to Complain at Work, Do This Instead.

And if you want to change something more effectively, instead of just being frustrated, check out this overview of System 1 and System 2 thinking (if you’ve read Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman you’ll recognize these terms) applied to persuasion: Tap the Science of Persuasion, from Fast Company.

And for your final read this week, we suggest Telling a Good Innovation Story from McKinsey Quarterly to help explain the difference between a technical story and one that engages people’s emotions and imaginations. The latter is the one that inspires, and this article helps you reframe your story to be more inspirational. Our resident storytelling coach can help you craft yours!