Conflict Management: 7 Steps to Smoother Sailing

Successful Conflict Management

Successful Conflict Management

If you want to manage conflict better, there are some key steps to take to get to the heart of an issue, calm down the emotions and start to talk more productively.  Here are our seven steps to Fearless Conflict Management, BRAVEST:

B – Be Fully Present.  Giving someone your full attention is the first sign of respect. Make time for them and show that this is important to you.

R – Reserve Judgment.  It is tempting to decide the other person is wrong. To manage conflict effectively, you need to step back and be truly open to other points of view and accept that maybe you
could learn something.

A – Acknowledge. Let the other person know they have been heard by confirming what you think you heard them say, without adding any commentary…

V – Validate.  Accept that the other person’s views and feelings are valid.  Not right, not wrong, but understandable, normal and ok.  This helps them feel more open to discussing possible solutions.

E – Explore.  Ask for clarifications, deeper motivations, possible alternatives and work to understand fully where they are coming from, what they are seeking, and what they care about most.

S – Seek Permission. Finally ask what you can do to help, or if your ideas or point of view would be helpful.  Once you ask permission, your opinions, advice, thoughts and perspectives will be heard more openly and you can start crafting common ground together.  Without this, it may sound like unsolicited advice…

T – Take Definitive Action.  Every focused conversation should end with next steps and real action to move things forward.  It becomes particularly important in resolving conflict, because taking real action starts to build trust and relationship, regardless of the final outcome of the conflict

Take these 7 steps to stay on your road to Fearless Conflict Management, and let us know how your are managing conflict productively in your organization.