Embrace Change, Inspire Your Team, and Build Resilience

You may not realize that mergers stand between a 50% and 90% chance of not meeting their financial goals. The main reason? It’s all due to the human and organizational side of change. Change wreaks havoc on people and companies.  As a leader, how can you mitigate the negative side effects of change? 5 Behaviors of Leaders Who Embrace Change from HBR outlines five integrated behaviors: share a compelling, clear purpose; look ahead and see opportunity; seek out what’s not working; promote calculated risk taking and experimentation; and look for boundary-spanning partnerships. How could you embrace these behaviors today?

If you want to improve your ability to inspire, start with these simple ideas from Fast Company: 5 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Inspire Your Team Every Single Day. Not surprisingly, these tips focus on noticing and communicating the positive. You’re probably not doing this nearly as often as you think!

And when you need a little boost yourself, try these tips from strategy+business: Build Your Leadership Resilience. Our favorite is about winning the “inner game” by managing your own mindset, no matter the circumstance. Resilience is like a muscle — you can practice and get better at it.