Lead Like You Mean It – April 25

Communication Styles

Lead Like You Mean It – April 25

Topic: Leveraging Communication Styles with Everything DiSC Workplace®

Do some colleagues get along better than others? Do you find yourself enjoying work with some personality types more than others? Leveraging Communication Styles with Everything DiSC Workplace® explores the communication and interpersonal style differences that can become barriers to performance, and how to recognize and overcome them. Learn more about your own style and how it changes the way others view you. Practice how to adjust your communication habits for greater impact and success. We will explore how to identify other styles and recognize when you are miscommunicating. Take away some quick tools for adjusting your communication style to better connect with anyone.
Why does communication style matter?
We are inclined to believe that our style is “better.” Learning to see value in other styles will help you:
  • Build self-awareness and take greater control over how you are perceived by others
  • Connect with colleagues by making them more comfortable when working with you
  • Clarify team goals and projects more effectively
  • Reduce unproductive conflicts and get back to the business of your business
  • Make decisions more collaboratively and quickly
Who Should Attend?
Anyone who wants to improve the quality of how people work together and increase performance.
How Can DiSC Help My Organization?
You can choose to take the Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment to deep your learning during day. DiSC is also a foundational tool for:
  • Workplace culture initiatives
  • Management and leadership development
  • Sales training
Presenter: Andrew Jennings
  • Early Registration, before 5 pm on April 9 (includes Everything DiSC Workplace®): $399*  REGISTER NOW
  • Regular Registration (includes Everything DiSC Workplace®): $459*
  • Regular Registration (does not include Everything DiSC Workplace®): $399*
*3% processing fee for all credit card transactions
Participants from the 2017 Workshop said:
This is so much better than the programs we have been using in-house. I really took away actions I can use right away. We need more interactive and impactful sessions like this! This is such great value and a manageable price. I'm bringing at least two more employees every time. I have been to Harvard and Penn for leadership training, and this is at that level. We will have employees at every session. 


Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Time: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm


Jackson Center
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