Leadership Development

LeadershipDevFearless Organizations develop a leadership culture from the most senior executives through the most junior front-line employee.  Every person in the organization is asked to lead, to be accountable, to think strategically and to innovate to support the vision and mission of the organization.  Leadership becomes a way of thinking, acting, being – not a position or title.

Build long-term strategic value in your organization by increasing the capacity of every individual and every team.

Leadership development is a long-term commitment to the organization to develop leaders with both relevant management skills and the leadership mindset to use them effectively. It is the single most effective way to build long-term strategic value in an organization when done well, by increasing the capacity of every individual and every team to produce, innovate and win in the marketplace. Participants learn to self-direct more of their own development, to make better faster decisions, and to build high performance relationships – everywhere in the organization.

Technical training is effective and important, but the real competitive advantage for most organizations is in the ability to leverage each person’s unique skills in combination with others. For this reason, our leadership development programs focus on the core elements of Think, Act and Be – Think more strategically, Act in ways that motivate and encourage yourself and others, and Be an example of the living values of your organization.

Our Leadership development program includes:

  • Individual assessments and feedback
  • Engaging group sessions on topics customized to address core leadership principles and your organization’s most important challenges
  • Fearless Facilitation™ to identify and address critical issues in a safe and focused way
  • Individual Leadership Development Planning
  • Reflection and Action Commitments
  • Peer Accountability
  • Individual Executive Coaching
  • Action learning (coaching on an ongoing work project)

Our Integration Model helps you roll out greater leadership capability from senior executives through every employee.


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