Strategic Thinking

Strategic ThinkingA leader provides a vision or direction. Without strategic thinking, this vision can be a pipe dream. A critical part of being a great leader is learning how to think strategically, every day.

Forget the stale three-year strategic plan that sits on a shelf and has little to do with how the business works today. We work with leaders to develop the habit of strategic thinking to drive more strategic daily decision-making and more strategic prioritization. Scanning the environment for new information and outliers, developing these into possible scenarios, and deciding how to respond to manage risk while maximizing opportunity – that’s strategic thinking. Learning from every “failure” and making better choices each time around – that’s strategic thinking.

Do you know when to stay the course and when to pivot?

Most of us have a vision for our lives, our career and even our organization. Thinking strategically, every day, is how we create what we can envision. Knowing when to stay the course, and when to pivot. Recognizing avoidance or risk-aversion or risk-seeking trends within ourselves and our teams and assessing them with a calm eye and making conscious choice about what to change – that’s strategic thinking.

One of our Fearless tools for organizational strategic thinking is a living one-page strategic document that outlines overall goals, priorities and strategic choices. Leaders measure progress against it, and revise it as new market dynamics or internal opportunities and constraints become obvious. It is the core document in monthly, quarterly and annual review conversations.  Everyone, every function, and every group connects their work back to this guiding plan.

Whether you are working on becoming more agile and better at decision-making or looking for a way to formalize and track your strategies with a one-page plan, we have a solution for you.


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