Series 1: Developing as a Leader

Build a pipeline of leaders, reinforce your organization’s shared vision, and achieve results that matter.

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The role of organizational leaders is changing. How you adapt and anticipate the future will determine the long-term growth of your organization, and the legacy you leave behind.


In Series 1 of the Fearless Leaders MasterClass®, you will learn the fundamentals of leadership and organizational development in a rapidly-changing world, build a pipeline of leaders who produce stronger teams, and grow your next generation of employees.

Grounded in both leadership theory and practical field knowledge, this course will:

Outline the differences between management and leadership (hint: you need both!)

Grow your bench of innovative leaders who can drive your organization forward.

Equip your leaders with the ability and insight to develop others as leaders.

Breakdown the talent development and performance management skills required to be effective.

Increase emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and critical thinking.

Developing as a leader: course breakdown

Over the course of 9 months, this leadership development program will guide you through the following 3 segments, where you will work on specific work-related projects and goals.

I. From Doing to Leading:

Transition from talented employee to empowering leader. Effectively navigate new tasks & time allocation, resource management & supervision.

II. Management as Science & Art:

Understand your individual communication style and the impact it has on employee performance. Adapt your approach to complement employee (and peer, and boss!) style needs.

III. Performance Management:

Set clear goals and expectations for employees, provide helpful feedback on performance, and develop coaching skills to help employees grow organizational capability and capacity.

Fearless Leaders MasterClass Series 1 begins on January 26, 2022.

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