The Fearless Leadership Model

Business as usual? We think not! Today’s marketplace is fueled by change. The need for leadership to create sustainable competitive advantage is growing. Leaders need to help organizations compete and grow effectively, not only by embracing change and responding creatively to it, but by finding opportunities to create positive change to spark innovation and growth.

A new leadership approach is required to successfully respond to changes in the environments in which organizations compete. This approach to leadership draws from the experience and intelligence of the entire organization as well as from emerging knowledge and ideas about strategy, management leadership and culture.

Making this shift to Fearless Leadership requires, first and foremost, a change in the leadership paradigm. Great companies develop a culture of leadership from the most senior executives down through the most junior front-line employees. This kind of change must come from the top down, as senior leadership demonstrates a tangible and daily commitment to these three things: 1) leading by example, 2) a shared responsibility for leadership and 3) developing leadership in others. It must apply to every employee in the organization so that leadership becomes not only the job of senior management, but an expectation from every person, every day.

The Fearless Leadership model creates sustainable growth in changing environments through the development of:

• Strategic Thinking everyday in every role

• Leadership Ability at all levels

• Culture that encourages innovation, collaboration and continual improvement


The combination of these three powerful elements creates the Fearless Organization™. Our next blog post will look at the Fearless Leadership Process and how to grow organizational capacity and create high performance teams.