The Fearless Leadership Process

High Performing Organizations 

The volume of high quality work an organization can produce or lead (the capacity of an organization) is derived directly from the capacity of each individual to perform and lead, as well as from the structures, processes and culture of the organization. High performing organizations work on both technical competencies and the core skills that create high performance teams and companies. The Fearless Leadership Roadmap includes an integrated approach to increasing organizational capacity through the introduction of key concepts, the practice of new skills and behaviors and the integration of both into the daily business of each leader.

Increasing Organizational Capacity

Growing organizational capacity, like growing individual capacity, is a journey and a process, not a one-day event, or even a week-long retreat. Making real change in capacity requires not only a shift in behavior and thinking, but also practice and reinforcement to maintain that new behavior or thought pattern over time. Unlike traditional training, where an individual or group might be exposed to a concept over a few hours and then left to apply it on their own, a leadership development program creates regular follow-up, a peer group for support and accountability, and ongoing opportunities to hone and refine skills in different situations and environments over time. In this way, the learning is reinforced, and performance improves in a sustainable way.

What is Leadership?

Leadership is fundamentally the ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others to take positive action toward a goal. It begins with taking control of your own thoughts, feelings and actions to direct them in a way that is more effective in reaching your goals. With these skills in place, you can also begin to influence the thoughts, feelings and actions of others to assist them in becoming more effective as well.

FLshipProcessLeader-Leader Model

At Transcend, we believe in a Leader-Leader Model, where each individual is leading every day. Leadership is not a title or a position, but is rather a fact of life and takes place in every interaction you have with others, including your written and spoken words, your body language, and your actions. You are either leading others to increase their ability to create and respond to change (their capacity) or you are leading them to decrease it. Most people “lead” without awareness of their impact on themselves and others. The Fearless Leadership Program increases awareness and skills in harnessing that ability to have a positive influence and channel it to achieve specific results. Whether that result is a new contract, a completed task, a changed personal habit or a more energized and productive team, a more direct path to the result increases personal and organizational capacity since the leader can move on to subsequent goals and achieve them more effectively and rapidly.

Our next two blog posts will look at the two major components of Fearless Leadership: Leading Self and Leading Teams.