Hello Fearless!

Thank you for inquiring about the Fearless Leaders MasterClass.

At the completion of the program, participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of their roles as leaders; and be more engaged and effective in their roles
  • Execute their roles as more influential people leaders as well as technical leaders
  • Be better equipped to develop others and provide effective feedback to manage performance; and
  • Hire better employees based on job fit. 

Program Overview:

Series 1 of the Fearless Leaders Masterclass is designed to prepare motivated employees to be better at the skills required to lead a business or unit, including deepening understanding of the role of the manager and leader, the difference between management and leadership, and the people development and performance management skills required to be effective. Grounded in both leadership theory and practical field knowledge, this course provides a foundation for the lifelong development of leadership skills at work and beyond.

This 9-month program is divided into 4 major segments:

  1. From Doing to Leading: Transitioning from technical expert to leader of people – new tasks & time allocation, resource management & supervision.
  2.  Management as Science & Art: Understanding the impact individual communication style has on employee performance and learning to adapt your management approach to better meet employee (and peer) style needs.
  3. Hiring the Best People: Practicing the fundamentals of matching people to roles in the organization and assessing job candidates – both internal and external.
  4. Performance Management: Setting clear goals and expectations for employees, giving good feedback on performance and developing coaching skills to help employees grow and build organizational capability and capacity.

Throughout the course, participants will be working on specific work-related projects and goals (Action Learning Assignments) and applying the skills and concepts learned to build new habits.


This development program includes:

Nine workshop sessions: A Full Day session at the start and eight ½ day sessions

2 Coaching sessions with an ICF-certified coach

2 Observation sessions with an ICF-certified coach to get feedback on performance management skills

  • Recommended Reading
  • Everything DiSC® Management Assessment
  • PXT Select® Individual Profile
  • Action learning after every session
  • Peer coaching exercises
  • Binder with Handouts for each session
  • Professionally facilitated conversations, self-reflection and group discussion on each topic
Course schedule:
Pre-work (self-assessment, goal setting and time tracking)
Session 1: Wednesday, March 11 8am-4pm   
Session 2: Wednesday, April 8 8am-12pm
Session 3: Wednesday, May 6 8am-12pm
Session 4: Wednesday, June 3 8am-12pm
Session 5: Wednesday, June 17 8am-12pm
Session 6: Wednesday, July 22 8am-12pm
Session 7: Wednesday, August  8am-12pm
Session 8: Wednesday, Sept 2 8am-12pm
Session 9: Wednesday, Oct 14 8am-12pm
Graduation & Impact statements: Wednesday, Oct 28 4:30-6pm

The fee for each participant is $4,495.00. Program fees for all participants are due in full before program commencement and are non-refundable and non-transferable.