Four Things Fearless Leaders Do on the Weekend

By Diane Dempster, Executive Coach 

family_bikesYou work hard through the week, as a change agent, innovator, influencer; guiding your team and/or organization towards its’ strategic mission and goals. But what to do when the weekend comes – when the whistle blows at 5pm on Friday? (Or later if you are like most of us!) It’s easy to get caught up in the crisis of the day or stumble through the next 60 hours, only to wake up on Monday morning feeling exactly the same as you did when the weekend started. With the long holiday weekend upon us, it’s a perfect opportunity to look at our habits and more purposefully approach what the Fearless Leader does on the weekend. Here’s my list:

  • Re-group – Reflect on your recent accomplishments and challenges, take time to celebrate what’s working, consider other opportunities where improvement is needed, get some clarity on your direction and objectives for the near and long-term. End one week on a more positive note, and start the next with purpose and strength.
  • Re-connect –During the work-week, often life becomes “all business.” Take time to remember and enjoy those things that are important for you outside of work. Spend time dedicated to your family, hobbies, and passions. Remind yourself of who you are when you aren’t on the job.   [clickToTweet tweet=”Four Things Fearless Leaders Do on the Weekend. #leadership via @leadfearlessly” quote=”On the weekend, it’s important to remind yourself of who you are when you’re not on the job.”]
  • Re-commit – Take time before you return to your desk on Monday to set your intention for the next week. Clearly articulating a plan, priorities, and a vision ahead of time has been proven to increase both effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • Re-generate – Whether work for you is invigorating or draining; take some time out to do the things that feed you. Get (at least a little) more rest, eat well, exercise, get outdoors, and do something to consciously let go of some of the additional stress you might be carrying from the work week. Most of us who work hard also like to play hard; make sure you have some scheduled fun and/or down-time during your time away from the office. If nothing else, it will help you to hit the ground running come Monday morning.