Hiring a CEO: It Pays to Get Outside Help

hiring a CEOBy Linda DeLuca, Executive Coach – The success of your company rides on selecting the right CEO to lead the organization and realize its mission. Don’t you think the complexity and importance of this task warrants the help of trusted advisors? Here’s how to take advantage of outside help in hiring a CEO.

Be advised: know when it’s time to find a CEO.

GROWTH. When your company is looking to grow, and you need a leader with experience to take you to the next level with clarity and focus, it’s time to hire a CEO.

BALANCE. You have a visionary founder, but need a strong business leader to keep your organization moving forward, it’s time for an integrator CEO. Visionaries focus outside the organization, integrators focus inward to execute strategies.

CHANGE. Throughout your organization’s lifecycle there will be times to shift direction. Whether you need to change the culture, your current CEO is moving on, or your CEO wants to change focus . . . it’s time to find a new CEO.

Be advised: know what to look for in your CEO.

What you look for in your CEO depends upon your organization’s culture, needs, and goals. It’s critical to assess these factors and develop a selection profile to guide your decision. Assess your organization’s specific needs to help you identify candidates who think, behave, and have interests which align with your vision, mission, and strategies.

Your search is strengthened by the insights of a trusted advisor who helps you get a well-rounded view of the situation. Outside advisors will provide less biased views and help execute on the process of finding the right CEO.

Be advised: start early, start inside.

START EARLY. Finding, assessing, and onboarding a CEO takes time. Bringing your leadership’s trusted advisor into the fold early will help identify the need for a CEO search early, giving you time to make the right decision.

START INSIDE. Often, the next CEO is already inside your organization. Recognize the potential leaders in your organization and give them the resources to strengthen their skills. This will provide you with an advantage when it’s time to find, assess, and onboard your next leader. Hiring a CEO can sometimes be as easy as looking down the hall.

Every individual in your organization is inspired by the leader. Every person in your organization leads and inspires others.

“Leaders at the top have to know what the big ideas are for the organization.”
– Jeff Bezos, Keynote: 2018 Air & Space Cyber Conference

Your CEO will make sure the entire organization puts energy into those big ideas. Hiring a CEO is an opportunity for transformation and growth…for ensuring the long-term health of the organization.

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