Nod to Nokia, Corporate Identity, and Get More Done

You’re probably familiar with the story of Nokia’s mobile-phone downfall, but do you know how the company “clawed its way back?” See how repairing deep-seated cultural problems was key to the effort, as the company replaced fear with emotional safety. How Nokia Bounced Back (With the Help of the Board) from INSEAD Knowledge shows how a board can be uniquely positioned to play a role in emotional regulation.

In the business world, who you are guides your strategic decisions. Successful companies are committed to a clear sense of identity. Watch this short video, How to Define Your Corporate Identity from strategy+business, to learn about the three basic elements that align to create identity and how it can empower your organization. Staying true to your identity doesn’t mean being rigid or losing your ability to change; rather, it means using your strengths as a guide.

Finally, the holidays will be here before we know it! It’s no surprise that employee productivity tends to slump then, and Fast Company has just the article to help: These four small mind-set shifts will make you more productive. We can all use help in getting more done effectively and efficiently.