The Power of Love, Generations in the Workplace, and Strategy

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Powering an Organization with Love from HBR identifies love as a core principle of great leadership and as the base “operating system” that all the other functions of a business run on. We work to express love to our clients and coworkers every day – how does it show up in your workplace?

Stressed out by the many generations in your workplace? Making the Workplace Work for Gen X, Y and Z from INSEAD suggests that great work cultures help all the generations thrive at work.

Finally, from strategy& (the consulting arm of PWC), 10 Principles of Strategy Through Execution outlines how exceptional companies get both strategy and execution right, throughout the organization, and break down silos in the process. One of the critical deliverables we provide is breaking down silos, and this article includes why that’s important.