Ready, Aim, Influence!

Every one of us is a leader. The truth is leaders are not defined by their titles. They are defined by their ability to encourage and influence those around them to reach their highest potential.

Every one of us has to deal with change. If there’s anything constant in the the world we’re living in now, it’s change and in such times, people tend to flail. Laura-Huckabee-Jennings-Cover-678x1024All of us get a little less focused, a little more distracted, and find it hard to set and keep priorities. The models of leadership that have been upheld for decades are crumbling before our eyes, which is why it is absolutely vital to learn how to lead during this time of tumultuous change. Fearless leaders work hard to create clarity and calm in the storm.

Ready, Aim, Influence! is an important, new book from Experts Insights Publishing that is an essential guide to leadership from  leadership experts and influencers.

I’m honored to join a slate of contributors including best-selling author and leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith, top speaker and featured in ABC’s hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire James Malinchak, and million dollar marketing coach Kendall SummerHawk, to offer crucial leadership skills.

With hundreds of pages of insider secrets and insights, reading Ready, Aim, Influence! is like having a personal, inspirational conversation with each of us. Part of my vision is to bring a style of leadership that is more collaborative and more compassionate to as many leaders as I can, to make the workplace more fulfilling for everyone. My chapter, Lead Fearlessly, talks about alternative ways of leading that can transform leaders in business and in every aspect of their lives.

In Ready, Aim Influence! you will learn:

  • How to overcome inevitable obstacles in your journey to success
  • The keys to creating an inspirational vision that will motivate and move others to achieve goals and dreams.
  • How to explore collaboration potential in innovative and profound ways
  • The secrets of success used by leadership experts to get to where they are today
  • The new way to create meaningful connections, sustain good relationships and stay ahead of the competition in today’s volatile business world

Ready, Aim, Influence! is an essential guide that shows you exactly how to free yourself from fear, step out of your comfort zone and find the amazing leader within yourself. The book is available for purchase on Hopefully, our individual stories will empower and encourage you to achieve your dreams and lead others to do the same!


A portion of profits from this book are donated to Just Like My Child Foundation, a non-profit organization tackling poverty and promoting self-reliance, village by village, in rural Uganda.