Recruiting, Toxic Bosses, and Vulnerable Leaders

Starting this time with recruiting — are you relying too much on outside recruiters or using 1980s style interviews? Time to step it up and hire better teams. Fast Company includes an article on Recruiting is a Business Function – Treat It Like One that admonishes leaders to make recruitment a key part of the business strategy, not a distraction from “real work.”

Not everyone is cut out to manage people. See if you recognize any of the signs from Google’s management study on Toxic Bosses and use these to decide who to give people management responsibility. Technical skill is generally not a good indicator. Are you a Toxic Boss? Google’s Management Study Will Tell You appears in Inc. Magazine.

Finally, from strategy+business, an article on how being vulnerable can make you a better leader — The Strength of Vulnerable Leaders. Many of our clients struggle with the word “vulnerable,” as it implies weakness. Learning to admit some weakness helps make you human and gains supporters, not detractors.