Strategic Leaders, Growth Mindset, and “Safe” Values

One of the most challenging tasks companies face is identifying and developing strategic leaders. This longer article from strategy+business outlines 10 Principles of Strategic Leadership that can help your leaders grow their strategic capability and build your organization in changing or volatile times.

While you are developing leaders, you may also have adopted a “growth mindset” — popularized by researcher and author Dr. Carol Dweck in her work, Mindset. Be careful that you understand how to implement it and don’t make these 5 Mistakes Companies Make About Growth Mindset (according to HBR).

Finally, a quick read from Fast Company on making an obvious commitment to your values: Why No One at GM is Allowed to Walk Around On Their Smartphones. If you want to see change in your organization, you have to commit to making change from the top; and make it real and visible. Mary Barra is doing just that. Are you fearless enough to do the same?