Anyone who is not already familiar with the concept of executive coaching may easily confuse it with related professional advice from other sources.  Since executive coaching clients are often senior executives, they have probably experienced many kinds of advice and encouragement in their professional careers, but coaching is a unique form of personal leadership development.

Perhaps the most familiar advisor for many executives is the mentor.  A mentor is an invaluable resource at any stage of your career and provides advice, counsel and resources to show an executive how to achieve success in the way that the mentor did it.  The mentor shares

In coaching relationships, one element of the relationship to which many clients ascribe great power is the accountability provide by the relationship.  The client makes a plan to take certain actions over the next week, and the coach will ask about those actions in the next session.  While there is no right or wrong for doing or not doing any action item, many clients feel that they have made a formal commitment to taking those actions, and will work much harder to complete them, just knowing that

Within each of us we carry the seed of our own greatness.  We nurture this as children, but soon learn to hide it from the light of day and fit into what we think society expects of us.  We build our internal beliefs and habitual thoughts about what we "should" do and "must" be, and in doing so, we protect ourselves from the thoughts and words of others, but also lock away our most

With SMART goals in hand, you are ready to build strategies around them.  This is just like developing business strategies in that you can look at your various strengths and build strategies that play to them.  If you know one of your key strengths from Strengths Finder is “Relator”, you work best through people.  So, you might find that you want to work on a goal through finding a group that share the goal and working with them. Or you are an extrovert, you might exercise more regularly if you were