In times of change, people tend to flail. All of us get a little less focused, a little more distracted, and find it harder to set and keep priorities. We describe ourselves as "crazy busy" or overwhelmed. Fearless leaders notice this in themselves and their...

Who do you think of as a leader? What makes them a leader?  How do you differentiate good leaders from great ones? We define leadership as the ability to motivate oneself and others to take positive action toward a goal.  Note that we start with motivating...

At yet a higher level of engagement than simply getting feedback, is developing partnerships to support you in pursuing your vision. Partners can be colleagues, family members, friends, or anyone who has an interest in helping you meet your goals and achieve your vision.  When considering who you might enroll as your partner, think about who might share your vision, benefit from you achieving it, or be pursuing a similar vision themselves. The purpose of partnering is to find continuing support from someone who truly wants you to achieve

Within each of us we carry the seed of our own greatness.  We nurture this as children, but soon learn to hide it from the light of day and fit into what we think society expects of us.  We build our internal beliefs and habitual thoughts about what we "should" do and "must" be, and in doing so, we protect ourselves from the thoughts and words of others, but also lock away our most

Behind every good strategy and every goal achieved, there was an action plan that brought it to life.

The strategy is not the end of the process, but the beginning of your journey toward your vision.  You have defined the vision, made it concrete with some goals that define what it will take for the vision to come to life, developed some strategies that you think will help you achieve your goals, and now you are ready for the plans.

Plans are the day to day activities that are how you will implement the strategy.  In some cases, it may be as simple as