Three Conversations, Successful Teams, and Feedback

First, for leaders beginning a new role, some concrete advice on how to create change while honoring the journey before you got there, from strategy+business: Starting a Transformation: Don’t Change Everything. It’s all about having the right conversations to bring people on board.

When building a team, there are definitely ways to get it right . . . and wrong. This article from the New York Times business section outlines some of the most important factors in making your team work well:  How to Manage a Successful Team.

Finally, we believe feedback is key to continuing to improve and being aware of your impact, not just your intentions, However, not all feedback works equally well or needs to be taken to heart in the same way. Fast Company’s When you Should (and Shouldn’t) Ignore Feedback can help you identify how helpful feedback is at this moment and what to do with it.