Time Management, Engagement and the Perfect Team

Time management is more an issue than ever with all the means of communication at our fingertips. How to Fix Your Employee’s Time Management from Fast Company shares how you can help people who work for you address time more effectively by setting clear expectations, brainstorming solutions, and just getting better at estimating (we could all use that, I think!).

With all the talk about employee engagement, we know that responsibility is divided between the employee and the management culture for increasing engagement. Management can do more by following the 10 Management Rules of Engagement, published on MoneyWatch. Our favorite is #2 – it seems the hardest for most people to do.

And finally, back in late February, the New York Times published an article on Google’s search for what makes the best teams: What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. It turns out psychological safety is what matters most, and that requires communication and empathy. Taking turns speaking and listening, sharing feelings – it turns out that is the secret sauce, and now we have data to prove it.