360° Assessment

360° assessmentWhat are your blind spots?

Without a special mirror, it’s hard to know. A 360° assessment is designed precisely to help a leader understand how others see them, and where they might want to pay more attention to how they come across.  Are you more abrasive than you think?  More autocratic?  Less decisive?  Less forthcoming?

Learn how other people really see you. 

To grow leadership, you have to identify the gap between your intentions and how you are perceived by others. Our Everything DiSC® 363 for Senior Leaders is designed to build upon the style preference information from Everything DiSC® and identify how you are perceived by others on 24 core leadership competencies.

What could you learn from hearing how others see you?

This assessment does not have the problematic “open ended” comments that can negate the value of many 360° assessments. Instead, it includes a checklist for raters to choose the behaviors they would like to see more of, which gives you a better sense of what you might change.  For example, “10 out of 12 raters would like to see you take input from others more” is easier to understand and act upon than a story without context.

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