Attitude Assessment

attitude assessment You can’t really change your DNA or even your personality, but you can change your behavior. The key to really making lasting changes in your behavior is understanding the core beliefs that cause your current behaviors.  You might believe that a strong leader always has the last word, and so you make sure you do. If that behavior needs to change for you to be more successful, you might need to look more closely at that underlying belief and see if there’s a better one for you. A strengths assessment tool can help you make the necessary changes. 

The Energy Leadership Index assessment helps you see where your beliefs may be holding you back and makes it easier for you to understand them and change them. Unlike personality, you can shift your beliefs once you can see what they are.

Shift beliefs, change attitudes and create more positive behaviors.

This tool is often cited by our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development clients as one of the most transformative to their team and their communication. Having a language and a framework that goes beyond “just stay positive” makes it easier to actually change the attitude of an individual or a team, and create more positive behaviors.

Where are negativity, blaming and victim thinking showing up in your team? What would it be like to have everyone recognize it in themselves, and be able to shift it to thinking about opportunities instead?

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