Everything DiSCHave you ever wondered why some people just don’t “get” you? Or have you ever thought, “I can’t even begin to know what my boss needs and even when I ask, I still don’t know.” Most of us have felt that way at one time or another. The good news is that there is a simple tool designed to help you understand yourself and other people, too!

In keeping with our philosophy of providing actionable tools to create Fearless Organizations™, we have partnered with Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions to provide Everything DiSC® to help you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. Wiley’s industry-leading Everything DiSC assessment-based learning tools are focused on developing leadership, teamwork, communication and more.

Save Time, Energy and Money

The DiSC® model is one of the most widely used, scientifically based approaches to assessing personality and developing critical interpersonal business skills. With programs for leadership, sales, management and workplace development, Everything DiSC programs are in-depth, specialized and easily customizable to fit clients’ needs. This research-validated model helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy and money. Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels.

In a 2014 customer survey, Transcend clients reported that they depend on us for Leadership Development (89%), Group Coaching (81%) and Executive Coaching (46%) – all of which are enriched by assessment and tools for developing critical interpersonal business skills.

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