Strengths Assessment

strengths assessment Learning does not take place in environments filled with stress. Our innate negativity-bias as humans means we often only see or hear what feels threatening to us. We are bombarded with feedback, and we tend to overinflate the negative. This can leave us feeling stressed and unsure of ourselves – not a great recipe for learning and personal development. Fortunately, there is a strengths assessment tool that can help. 

Encourage everyone to fulfill their highest potential and assemble teams with complementary strengths. 

To combat this and encourage everyone to fulfill their highest potential, we work on a strength-based approach. Instead of focusing overly on weaknesses, mistakes and shortcomings, we look for each individual’s strengths. By understanding your own and others’ strengths, you can work to use your strengths more each day and minimize the impact of your weaknesses. You can even assemble a team with complementary strengths to even out important areas.

Our strengths assessment of choice is the Strengths Profile, published by the Center for Applied Positive Psychology in the UK. It identifies not only your strengths, but also those strengths you underuse, a few of your top weaknesses, and any learned behaviors that you are actually proficient at, but which drain your energy. It provides much more context and richness for discussions about ways of thinking, job tasks and phases in a project where different individuals might contribute the most.

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