Organizational Performance Assessment

Improving Organizational Performance

Utilizing Footdown’s software platform, leaders can, in minutes, gain real-time understanding of what’s going on under the surface of their business. They can gain clear insight into areas such as what’s going on with their people; whether the culture is working as a strength and where challenges and opportunities lie if the business is in need of change or transformation. It’s the quickest, most cost-effective, least disruptive solution available for establishing priorities and focusing action.

Developed in conjunction with the University of Bath, takes an automated approach to Organizational Sensemaking. This converts more complex organizational activity than individuals can process into simple, neutral, visual and actionable understanding of how an organization can improve its health and performance.

How robo-consult™ Works:
  • Prepare and Deploy – Administrators can create an event, select participants, craft communication, and deploy a lens to any stakeholder in minutes.
  • Diagnose Results – Leaders can review results as they emerge and see the story within their organization unfolding before their eyes. Then, through a configurable dashboard, compare departments and functions, different locations, leaders views against team members, past results with present; revealing a complete organizational picture.
  • Manage Outcomes – With access to comprehensive analytical reports and presentation based results, leaders can easily feed back to participants both the results they contributed to and the actions being taken.
  • Repeat as Required – Leaders can quickly and easily measure the impact of their interventions over time.
Why use this tool?

The Organizational Performance Assessment can be run at the touch of a button and used repeatedly to map a story that is developing over time. It’s a critical part of a leader’s toolkit for performance advantage and for leaders wishing to achieve digital transformation.