What We Learned at MindLab48

By Laura Huckabee-Jennings, CEO

We connected with talented people and new ideas earlier this month at MindLab48 in San Antonio, Texas, in addition to speaking there on a panel for high-growth companies. I thought I’d share some of what we learned – both from other speakers, and from participants.

What is MindLab48?
MindLab48 2016

Laura with her Partner Panel members – “Zero to 60: Fastest Growing New Partners”

MindLab48 is an annual conference run by Wiley’s Workplace Solutions group for their partners worldwide. It brings together businesses working in the human development space. Participants learn about the latest developments, share knowledge and business practices, and build networks and relationships. This year, there were about 500 people in attendance. There were 20 speakers, mostly from Wiley, but a few of us were invited to share our best practices and knowledge with the larger group. Transcend was selected as a fastest growing partner, and we shared our Fearless Mindset and Think Act Be Fearless. “Fearless” resonated with people, and they had questions about our model and how to be more fearless in business, after the panel discussion. (We’re publishing a book on that topic later this year, so it was good affirmation that we’re doing the right thing.)

It’s all about Relationships

The theme for this year is “Relationships.” Human development is really about how we grow through relationship more than anything else, and all the talks focused on how we build and leverage relationships to create change and growth in ourselves, our business, our colleagues, clients and friends.

The First Relationship is with Yourself  

The world of human development is full of assessments, and the primary goal of assessments is to build greater self-awareness and to use that to generate more positive relationships – first of all with yourself. Appreciating your strengths, being aware of your weaknesses or how your strengths can go too far, is critical to knowing what to bring into your relationships to generate positive results.

Taking Action Matters Most

The assessment is only as valuable as what you do with it once you have it, so Wiley is focused on making its Everything DiSC, Five Behaviors and now PXT Select assessment tools practical and easily turned into action. The comparison reports, progress reports, and the increase in facilitation and decrease in pure training, reflects this need for practical action.

People Work Makes a Difference 

We heard from clients who are implementing many of the DiSC products. They are seeing dramatic positive changes in their cultures by shifting the language and thinking around people, conflict and communication. Many partners are improving lives and businesses by starting conversations using these tools that create leaders and better relationships in client organizations. By using these models across an organization from selection to onboarding to promotions and team formation, leaders set up human dynamics for success, and have fewer problems to “fix” later.

Adopting a Common Tool Changes Everything

One client presenter at MindLab48 was the City Manager from Schertz, Texas. In their work, they use the DISC assessment on everyone, and DiSC Management for everyone who supervises anyone. They even have all City Council members take DiSC and use comparison reports to help move beyond politics and understand the needs of each council member in decision-making. [clickToTweet tweet=”Having one language and a common framework can shift an organization’s culture to a more positive, collaborative one.” quote=”Having one language and a common framework can shift an organization’s culture to a more positive and collaborative one.”]He said the tool has changed the conversation and helped put the right people in the right roles and made communication even more effective at all levels. They even used Work of Leaders to revamp city strategic planning and look for emerging leaders in the city. Having one language and a common framework has shifted the culture of the city employees all the way to the Mayor, to a more positive and collaborative one.

Every Organization is a People Organization

No matter the business you are in, you are in the people business. We heard about clients in R&D, manufacturing, insurance, construction and the public sector. They all drive business results by investing in people and organizational health. There isn’t a business model that doesn’t benefit from improving team performance, communication, emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Assessment Products Continue to Develop Rapidly – and You Can Take Part

One of the best things about being part of the Wiley family is that they are on the cutting edge of research into how to make their assessments more practical, user-friendly and taking into account our best research into human performance. You may have seen the mobile-friendly myeverythingdisc.com that gives you access to your Everything DiSC™ reports and comparison reports anytime you like. It’s going into a 3rd beta this summer and remains free. The breakthrough Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team now has an MBTI-compatible version for clients who prefer MBTI to Everything DiSC. The newest selection tool PXT Select is also in a limited beta test this spring. Participating in beta tests means you get access to the latest developments, and also get to give feedback on what you think of these new products as they are developed. We are actively in testing with Wiley, and hope you will let us know if you are interested in being a beta tester.

We always come away from this conference energized and excited, and this year is no exception. It is a privilege to do this work and serve our clients.