Your Leadership Crucible, Leading with Courage, and Confronting Bias

Happy MLK Day! This year marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. What leadership lessons can we learn from the life and legacy of Dr. King?

Dr. King was called to lead the civil rights movement, even though that was not part of his plan, and he faced this crucible, deciding to accept the challenge in spite of the obstacles. Facing your crucible and reframing it as an opportunity is one path to becoming a truly great leader is outlined in Crucibles of Leadership from HBR. What will be your crucible of self-doubt, reflection and questioning? And how will you use it to shape your leadership?

Fear was a regular companion on Dr. King’s journey. Not knowing how his message would be received, there were no guarantees that his cause would be successful or popular.  All leaders carry a certain amount of fear – of failure and of success. In Eight Ways to Be a Courageous Leader from Inc. Magazine, the author shares some of the ways business leaders can overcome or face fear. Our favorite is #8: Challenge your comfort zone and face your fear.

Finally, to honor the principles of diversity and inclusion, take a look at this great video from Stanford Professor Margaret A. Neale, “If Diversity is So Important, Why Don’t We Have More of It?”. It explores the data on bias and diversity and may give you new insight into what actually happens versus what we think is happening.