Case Studies

Transformational Conversations

SITUATION: A new global division was created from several groups in the US and Europe under a new business unit head. The new leader was tasked with growing the business unit and bringing the team together. Corporate leaders knew that there were divisions between R&D and production and sales that needed to be healed. Transcend was asked to facilitate a planning offset to bring the group together under common goals and strategies.

ACTION: We surveyed participants ahead of the offsite about challenges and opportunities for the team, and what would make the most difference. At the event, as we were facilitating the group, we uncovered disparate assumptions about goals, sales, production as well as a sense that, “Revenue is not my job” in some parts of the organization. By the time we concluded the offsite, critical conversations were taking place, and new solutions to old problems were being identified.

RESULT: One year later, the business unit not only met its revenue and profit goals, but was looking to surpass them by 20%. The leader told us that the conversations they had with us were “transformational.” The conversation was changed and, as a result, the business. 

“The Transcend team changed the conversation for us and helped us focus on the critical issues holding the business back. Without their structure, questions and flexibility, we would have done the same old things the same old way, and gotten the same results.”

Experiences that Change Culture

SITUATION: A customer service team had multiple layers of management and many complaints, and those were beginning to affect initiatives and customers. The COO called us in to find out what was really happening and to identify what changes needed to be made.

ACTION: After some initial conversation with the management layers, we held a session with the team to get the long list of concerns, problems and requests out on the table. We then had the team select the three things they most wanted management to address. We shared the top three with management and worked with them to address or respond to those items.

RESULT: When we met again with the customer service team, they appreciated the changes made, and came to the realization that they themselves were part of the problem. We created a new, positive feedback behavior they liked so much, it expanded to the broader customer services teams across the organization.

Real Leadership Transformation 

SITUATION: One higher-ed client brought us in to transform the leadership team. Key leaders had different backgrounds, styles and working preferences, which had led to rifts and silos in the organization. 

ACTION: We assessed and coached each individual and the team to develop new norms for working together, better defining roles and responsibilities and bringing key decisions to the group.

RESULT: The leaders reported “night and day” differences in their relationships and the ability to bring their teams together to tackle institutional issues. 

Planning to Succeed

SITUATION: A sales and production team in a global manufacturer was faced with limited capacity over the next 18 to 24 months, and needed to maximize both short and long-term relationships to sustain and eventually grow the business. The senior leaders asked Transcend to facilitate a planning session with both teams to identify ways to stay engaged and work together through the capacity-limited period. 

ACTION: By challenging the group, we uncovered new potential strategies and brought the two groups together. That planning meeting was the catalyst that created new strategies and new teamwork that delivered measurable business results.

RESULT: Over the following 12 months, they delivered 20% more revenue than planned that year and added another year of pre-orders – in spite of the capacity issues. 

Changing Directions

SITUATION: A dynamic young biotech company was struggling with three founders at the helm. The Chairman of the Board asked Transcend to step in and help right the ship and shift the culture to attract and retain talent, and develop a better team approach to the business.

ACTION: We placed an interim CEO and coached all founders to develop new values-based expectations for themselves and other employees, put more business measures and strategies in place, and aligned activities and expenses to revenue-generation. 

RESULT: Revenues are up, decisions are quicker and better aligned, and morale is improving. 

“The coaches and facilitators Transcend uses have moved our internal teams forward and added to our ability to manage change, and even create positive change.”