We work in partnership with you to identify the best approach to achieve your vision for the organization (or help define the vision if it’s a work in progress). Some of the services we offer most often include:

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Fearless Leaders MasterClass® Series

Designed specifically to address the leadership pipeline challenge we are repeatedly asked to solve and build a cohesive leadership language and culture, the Fearless Leaders MasterClass® is a series of development programs that accelerate the acquisition of leadership and management skills, including self-awareness, talent development and emotional intelligence.

Do you have 3 leaders who could do your job within the next year?

Do you have 3 leaders for each of them that could step up?

If your leadership pipeline is one person deep, or your candidates are great technicians but short on strategy or people development skills, the Fearless Leaders Masterclass® can help identify and prepare your next generation of leaders, starting at senior leadership through to first-line people managers. This is for you if you want to:

Build or reinforce a culture of learning and growth

Build a pipeline of innovative and thoughtful leaders ready to step up

Grow the practice of strategic thinking across your organization

Rely on your leaders to develop others

Identify the next generation of strategic leaders


Products Offered

Each product offered in the Fearless Leaders MasterClass® may be taken by any leader at any time, although the Series 1-4 are designed to be taken in order. Current offerings include:

Developing as a Leader (Series 1)

Building Effective Teams (Series 2)

Leading Leaders
(Series 3)

Leaving a Leadership Legacy (Series 4)

Leading Yourself

Fearless Talent and the Hiring Process

Focus on Self-Mastery

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Managing Change

Change is the only constant. So how do you build resilience in your organization so that it turns adversity into strength and doesn’t just manage change, but embraces it?  


Our Fearless Change Resilience™ work drives an understanding of the human response to change and how to better recognize the stress and challenges of change and accelerate the ability to find opportunity and new encouragement in change.


Some changes we choose – adding a new employee, product line, customer or location. Some changes are externally driven – a global pandemic, economic crisis, weather event or a lost customer. We help you prepare employees to better face change, and help your organization become more change resilient. We provide an understanding of the change process, potential pitfalls, and a strategy for accelerating the acceptance of change and engagement in the change process at all levels.


How do you get buy in and engagement for change initiatives across the organization? Using our “Three Es” framework and our Change Cascade, we walk you through the key actions needed to make change successful, and to embrace external changes as a catalyst for growth and improvement, including developing a central theme that engages everyone.

This is for you if you want to:

Re-energize an organization that has suffered setbacks

Support employees through significant shifts, like a pandemic, merger, recession, or explosive growth

Mitigate negative responses to a change you are implementing

Retain talent through a significant change

Some of the ways we help customers manage change:

Change Resilience Planning & Communication

Fearless Change Resilience™ workshops for all levels of employees

Change Management advisory and consulting services

Change-resilient culture development program

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Team Effectiveness

Is your team firing on all cylinders? Do you think you get the most out of all your leaders, or do a few voices dominate? What would change if your teams were less siloed, better aligned and more transparent?


You hire expert talent, great people in finance, marketing, engineering, operations, etc.  And they don’t always form a great team. Teamwork takes effort, and we can accelerate the formation of a great team from your great people.  Eliminate silos, factions, limited transparency and politics with an intentional focus on team effectiveness.

What makes a great team?

What would change if this team performed better together?

What has to happen to make it a great team?

As your partner in team effectiveness, we bring together your important teams and help them explore what a great team must have, how this current team rates on those elements, and build trust in the team quickly to break down communication barriers. The team sets expectations together that keep your team moving forward and aligned.

This is for you if your goals include:

Making my critical teams high performing

Breaking down silos

Identifying barriers to team cohesion and addressing them

Developing a culture of teamwork

Elements of this work include:

Assessing current team performance

Aligning team behaviors to a model for high performance

Developing team “Rules of Engagement” that define expectations, meeting cadence and communication expectations

Engaging employees across the organization in implementing your culture and identifying ways to make it stronger and more effective

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Culture Transformation

How do you make culture a strategic advantage? Every organization has a culture, most of them are unintentional.


Digging deep into the culture you have and determining which aspects help you succeed and how to reinforce those can build a lasting competitive advantage in hiring, retention, business development and operations.

What are your core values?

How well are they expressed in daily actions?

What would improve if more people honored those values more often?

As your partner in building culture, we help you understand the values people experience in working in and with your organization, both as employees and as customers, and how well that aligns with your goals. Clear and compelling core values can serve as a rallying cry for organizational transformation, or spur a period of growth and engagement for your teams as they align on behaviors and systems that support your values. If you have core values, we help you make the leap from statements on a page to daily experiences of those values in your organization and designing your processes and systems to honor and build those values.

This is for you if your goals include:

Retaining our culture as we grow

Improving the energy and engagement of our team

Increasing attraction and retention of great talent

Raising the bar on the quality of our interactions to better serve customers and each other

Moving culture from a values presentation for external use, to a powerful force for motivating the whole organization

Engaging the organization in defining our core values and how we will implement them

Elements of this work include:

Developing core values statements and clarity around behaviors and the emotional experience of your organization

Assessing human systems (hiring, performance, reporting, meetings, etc) and how to align them to core values

Designing new artifacts, rituals and lore to reinforce the cultural values you want to keep and grow - and weed out those you are trying to change

Engaging employees across the organization in implementing your culture and identifying ways to make it stronger and more effective

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Strategic Planning

Do you struggle to rise above tactics and operating plans to get strategic? Or get surprised by changes in your marketplace and struggle to pivot? What if strategic planning was a regular part of your monthly business rhythm?


Move from stale annual retreats and under-utilized tomes of strategic wisdom and plans to an agile, vision-driven strategic plan that guides your operations and keeps your team focused on a small set of strategic priorities.  We help design and facilitate a strategic planning process that is integrated into the rhythms of your organization.

What is your strategic focus for the next 3-5 years?

How are you tracking quarterly progress against that focus?

How are daily operations linked to those priorities?

As your partner in strategic planning, and cultivating a practice of strategic thinking that helps you be more creative and effective in solving your organizational problems, we bring in a range of strategic tools and models from the best minds in strategy consulting and adapt them to your specific organizational vision.  And we help you build a regular rhythm of review and strategic discussion that keeps strategy on the agenda when tactics are trying to crowd it out.

This is for you if your goals include:

Improving focus and ability to execute

Taking a longer-term view of where your organization is going

Linking daily activity to your strategic objectives

Building the connection to strategy across the organization

Elements of this work include:

Developing effective and dynamic strategic planning approaches for your organization

Facilitating strategy discussions and decision-making with your senior team

Guiding your teams through strategic review meetings and dashboard development

Embedding strategic thinking into the organizational culture


Custom Solutions

Every organization is unique.  We work with you to understand your specific challenges and opportunities and design the solution you need to meet your goals. 


Perhaps you have a team that might need team effectiveness work, and you want to integrate that with your strategic planning work.  Perhaps you want to work with a team of next-generation leaders on team effectiveness, but also their leadership development journey.  Or your culture is great, but you want to understand how to maintain it as the organization grows and changes, or to verify that it’s great for everyone.


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We can help design the right solution.
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