Culture & Values


Even the best strategy will fall flat if the culture of the organization does not support it. Culture encompasses all of the daily actions that demonstrate the values of your organization. Your values are living guidelines for behavior (not simply statements for the annual report) that are supported with actions, recognition and stories. An organization with strong values that are daily practices is more cohesive and has a more engaged and productive workforce.
We work with you to define and refine your values statements to identify the specific behaviors that best exemplify your culture.  We translate those into daily rituals, artifacts marking the best of your values, and the stories that bring your culture to life, and help you begin new practices that support those values in your organization.

Bring your culture to life. Hire better and retain your best employees longer.

 With a strong culture and clear values, you will hire better and retain your best employees longer.  You will find conflicts increasingly addressing real substantive business questions, and less politics and personalities. Your values will be reflected in your brand, in your customer relationships and your image in the marketplace. Your values become part of the value of your organization.
You have a culture and values already, but they may be somewhat accidental, a mish-mash of the founders’ values, or the last leader’s values, or specific to your division or location. Making your values explicit and consciously shaping them to attract customers, investors and employees allows you to focus your values and use them to accelerate your growth instead of detracting from it.
Are you ready to better define who you are and add to your success?