Team Development Programs

The Fearless Organization Model™ includes leadership, strategic and cultural skill-building, practice and follow-up, delivered in an actionable, “real-world” way that enhances application and builds expertise. To develop an entire team, we deliver an integrated program that introduces new concepts and ways of thinking, challenges fixed patterns of thought and behavior, and coaches team members while they tackle your real business challenges, instead of case studies.

Team members are coached as they tackle your real business challenges.

Programs and content are tailored to your organization and include regular interactions and activities over the course of 6 – 18 months.

pyramidOur Team Development Program includes:

  • Foundational workshops to Think, Act and Be Fearless
  • Leadership and Team Assessments
  • Facilitated group sessions
  • The Consequence Continuum – tools to drive performance
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Action learning – coaching during a current project
  • Quarterly workshops to consolidate learning
  • Ongoing feedback and discussion
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