Book one of our dynamic speakers for your next event, and get your team excited to take personal control of their destiny – shifting their energy, their beliefs and their habits to grow as leaders and get better results.

Laura Huckabee-Jennings

Laura provides energizing keynote speeches from 25-90 minutes on a variety of leadership topics designed to engage the audience and leave them with a practical first step towards greater personal leadership. Topics include:

  • Employee Engagement: Getting Them to Bring Their Hearts and Minds to Work
  • Fearless Leadership: Facing Change and Thriving
  • Focusing on Strengths – the Path to Greatness
  • It’s All About You: Managing Your Energy to Lead Others


“Laura’s relentless focus on improvement is contagious and her delivery is warm and engaging.”


“Laura Huckabee-Jennings opened up our PowHERful™ Summit in Birmingham with a thoughtful, informative presentation on fear and how it affects our daily lives. She was able to take the material she presents to executives and leaders, and make it relatable to the high school- and college-aged young women attending the Summit. Soledad O’Brien, the Starfish Foundation founder, particularly loved Laura’s presentation – she wove Laura’s points throughout the entire day!”  


Workshops and Breakouts

For 90-minute to 8-hour sessions, Laura engages participants in learning to take on new skills and hone existing leadership to a finer point. Topics include:

  • High Performing Teams: Emotional Intelligence
  • Leveraging Communication Styles to Influence Everyone
  • Powerful Feedback: Giving It, Receiving It and Using It to Grow and Develop
  • Strategic Thinking: Figuring Out the “Right” Things to Do
  • Making Your Culture Work for You: Building a Culture Based on Values
  • DIY Fearless Leadership: Attitude, Reflection and Feedback to Grow Your Career
  • Delivering Innovation: Asking Better Questions, Finding Better Answers

To book Laura, please contact Linda Roden at lroden@leadfearlessly.com for available dates and a speaking engagement contract.