Toxic Employees, Motivation and Strategic Planning

Dealing with Toxic Employees is a touchy topic for many of our clients. If your brilliant employee also sucks the life out of a team, how could you keep them on board and minimize the damage? This article from HBR recommends ways to keep them, while isolating them from others.

How to Kill Your Team’s Motivation Without Really Trying from Inc., shares the most common errors of oversight a leader can make that prevent your team from really performing. #8 is the one we see leaders fall into most often―being too busy to really engage with the team. Which one might you experience most often?

As we are in strategic planning season, we recommend you review this key article on why Strategic Plans are Less Important Than Strategic Planning. Your plan will be obsolete as soon as you write it down, but the act of writing it down surfaces disagreements and helps you begin to align resources to your most important priorities.