Why Values Matter, Balance Your Need to Achieve, and A Saner Workday

Leaders ask us “What about authenticity?” when trying out new leadership behaviors or practices. To be truly authentic means to honor your core values, not a particular behavior. From strategy+business this week Who You Are is How You Lead explores why your values matter more than one particular leadership or management technique. In our coaching sessions, we help leaders identify those core values and it helps distinguish between true authenticity and simply habits they’ve outgrown.

Are you achievement oriented? Daniel Goleman’s latest book states that while this is critical early in your career, it needs to be tempered with empathy and teamwork to help you become a truly great leader. An excerpt from his book appears this week in Korn Ferry Institute: Balance Your Need to Achieve.

Finally, if the news cycle is creating more stress for you, Fast Company has some great suggestions for managing your emotional state in Do This for a Saner, More Focused Workday—including limiting the times you check in on news, working with others, and using narrative writing to process a world that seems out of control.