Workplace Anger, Being a Mentor, and Company Culture

In the US it’s an emotional year already, and the primary emotion is anger. It’s human and natural, but not always helpful. What can you do with anger at work (yours and other’s)? Diffusing Workplace Anger from the Leadership group at INSEAD Knowledge identifies some strategies to keep anger from derailing your work without ignoring what caused it.

Developing talent within your organization is a human capital investment with a return on investment that is well worth the time for the leader desiring to leave a lasting legacy. What the Best Mentors Do from HBR, provides insights into being a better mentor and illustrates the benefit of servant leadership to both mentor and protege.

Finally, we talk about what makes a great culture, and Fast Company published an analysis of What Caused Uber’s Broken Culture. The gist? Vague and meaningless values, lack of transparency, and a failure of leadership and HR to set the example. All reasons we work with clients to have better definitions of values in terms of behaviors and to build better communication from top to bottom in their organizations.